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The free floating 22” barrel is covered by a KeyMod handguard with a 20 MOA rail, which allows for mounting oversized scopes suitable for the kinds of long range shots the .308 is capable of. A red dot on a .308 may seem like a missed opportunity, but these heavy guns have their place in close quarters combat, too, and the extra speed gained is an asset. I could not see spending $3250 on one gun when it’s price exceeds what I paid for my entire collection thus far! I like the DRD take down design so much I built a 300 BLK with there stock and quick relies feature, it too is a great rifle that most would be happy to own and shoot. It is a good solid, accurate rifle and for my purposes, bench rest shooting, it works just fine and it didn’t cost 3k. We wanted these rifles to appeal to first time and novice shooters, as well as long time expert gun owners. Sounds like a great concept if you travel quite a bit with your rifle. The Howa KRG Bravo was chosen based on Howa’s reputation for building highly accurate rifles, and the fact they have furnished sniper rifles to Japan and other buyers. The .308 Winchester was born from modifying the .300 Savage, which was designed to work in the popular Savage Model 99 lever action rifle, and have similar ballistics to the .30-06 Springfield. If you ever get a chance to shoot one I’d advise doing so before passing judgement becomes of the price. Beyond looking the part the gun feels the part. Next the Army liked it for it’s multiple hit characteristics and ability for the troops to carry more ammo. And not one Browning BAR, an industry standard and hugely-popular conventional rifle, in the bunch. Browning BLR Rifle Takedown Model Review. $3,350.00 - $3,900.00 Quickview APTUS. At $1,999. Therefore, we can see the ideal .308 rifle will have a sufficiently long (and well made) barrel to develop accuracy and the full potential of the round, as well as a comfortable stock, suitable trigger, and either well made iron sights or a quality optic. The adjustable match grade trigger allows for superior accuracy when paired with the precision enhancing 24” barrel. The two rifles are Marlins .308 MX ($590) and Brownings takedown BLR in .308 Winchester ($832). Have a 2 stage on way for it now. My inventory consists of a custom built Windham Weapon in .223 Rem, a Remington 770, in .300 Win Mag, a Mauser, in .308 Win, and an AK 47. No matter what you are after, from a cheap deer rifle, to a military grade sniper rifle, we’ve found and categorized some of the best .308/7.62 rifles on the market today! For price point, we considered more than just the price tag. Selecting the best one is not a daunting task. Choose the lowest price from our multiple warehouses. Equipped with a lightweight alloy receiver, and free floating American walnut stock with laser cut checkering, this is a lever action rifle that not only pulls you back to the romance of the Old West, but also sees to the needs of modern shooters with modern ammo. Once assembled, the M762 looks much more like an AR-10. The M762’s defining feature is how it breaks down. I only want to carry and stock one caliber of ammo. Personal taste, tradition, local culture, end use, budget, and so much more all must be considered when choosing a rifle. U.S. Oddly enough the M762 is soft shooting, moderately quiet (from the shooter’s end), and very well balanced. What it lacks in fancy features, it makes up for in Colt quality manufacturing and reliability. After all, not all of us can buy a rifle with a blank check signed by the taxpayers! The take-down version of the Ruger 10/22 is an in expensive alternative to the Browning SA-22 Semi-Auto .22 rifle but, it rivals the Browning rifle … Simply add the optic of your choice to it, and it is ready to go. Browning 308 Lever Action Rifle Lightweight Takedown/Blue/Walnut Stock Whenever you need the very best in fast handling, easy to carry, travel ready magnum firepower, there is no need to look past the Browning BLR Lightweight 81 Takedown. However, looking a bit deeper, and we find this is a rifle sitting in a specially reinforced polymer stock which features both an aluminum bedding point, and reinforced spine. Just as there are many weapon systems I can not afford, there are also many I can that perhaps others can not, and so the saga goes on. But instead of bending us over and seeing what we’ll pay for it because it’s exclusive, DRD Tactical Paratus Rifle: “Revolutionary” 7.62mm NATO/.308 Win. The gun produced decent groups. A good trigger is a must as well. I’ve got my bolt-actions for those rare occasions when I get out to do that kind of thing though. A Remington 870 clone called a Hawk 982 Today’s evolution of Eugene Stoner’s classic AR-7, which was itself derived from … It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Evertime I went to his place I couldn’t help but pick it up and handle it. Designed to be readily modified using off the shelf AR-15 furniture, the Ruger Precision rifle features a unique folding stock with an adjustable comb and length of pull. Shipped in hard case with custom cut high density foam (see below). Not like Ar15 ect, all they are is see how much shit you can throw on the wall and hope you hit something. Even at typical southern hunting distances, the compact design of the rifle makes it ideal. I have always opined that redirecting dirty gas into your chamber is the most inane idea in the world. Ships with a factory boresighted scope already mounted. Weighs about 14 pounds with optics and loaded- too heavy for some tasks. Most assume something built at home can not be as good as there cheap to mid price range rifle purchased from a place of business, but I strongly dis-agree. The rifle is extremely stable. And when my lovely $200 stamp came back and I assembled with ubr oh my god did it a make a difference. A threaded barrel fits common muzzle brakes or even suppressors. I prefer lighter, more compact rifles for close quarters work. Ultimately we chose to put it in the best all around .308 target rifle category for several reasons. I’ve always wanted an AR 10 even though my Springfield M1A Loaded and Weatherby Mark V Super Varminent Master work just fine. But maybe that’s just me. What is nice about this rifle is that it really is a turn key, out of the box target shooting experience. Vienam 1968 and 1969 love you GOD – 308 M14 – USA. The take down feature of this system, while nifty and cool, doesn’t outweigh the value of my Larue compared to this gun. What it is, is a step up from a 5.56, and in civilian mode a sporting round that will take any and all north and south American land game including the big brown bear as long as you have the time to pump three or four rounds in his kill zone, which is about two seconds in semi automatic mode. Sometimes the name of a rifle tells us a lot about it. Takedown rifles, for example, are often panned as being inherently inconsistent, and thus deemed inaccurate. What a gip!! Again average, if you build a long barrel 6.5 Grendel with a quality Alexander or Sheilen barrel, then you will have a few dollars more in it, same goes for all the calipers but you get the drift. As an added bonus, the aftermarket for M1A style rifles is extensive, allowing for additional customization beyond the factory configuration, which ensures that you’ll be able to trick this rifle out for your specific mission or needs. Buzz, The price point is probably above what most people would be willing to pay, but then again, I’ve seen quite a few shooters/collectors shell out cold hard cash for the latest gimmick only to have buyers remorse later and then to be further let down when they couldn’t get a decent value for the rifle/pistol when they went to trade for something new. For inside six hundred yards though? Slide Fire is Shutting Down Soon, Bob Costas: ‘Did Founding Fathers Want Us to Have AK-47s, Cop-Killer Bullets?’, West Virginia Governor Vetoes Constitutional Carry Bill. I’d love to have one. Throw any kind of distance into the mix, and well, there is no comparison. Now we get into old fashioned traditionalism here. I don’t worry if it will keep me alive, weight(within reason), don’t matter. Orders are being accepted, but by placing your order, you acknowledge and agree to the extended lead time. Everything else picked and installed by my personal preference. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Also who runs a micro on a ar10 other than function test, I’d rather run irons and utilize the sight radius, but hey looks like you weren’t concerned with precision or accuracy. Now to be honest shoot hot loads it is alittle bit of a beast. I find your analysis skewed to military-platform tac rifles, for the most part, with only a token acknowledgement of other styles. I prefer lighter, more compact rifles for close quarters work. Jaguar, Puma, Moose, Elk, Mountain Goat, Feral Hog, Mule Deer, Black Bear, Black tail or White tail Deer …the list goes on and on.. Not only are you a dork but you are such an ignoramus. Find .308 Winchester and 7.62x51 NATO bolt-action rifles from a variety of manufacturers. Browning BLR Lightweight ’81 Stainless Takedown. Use shooting matts products from Gun University to get the most comfortable shooting feeling. That was heavy. Their new take-down M762 is challenging the basic perceptions of the overgrown AR. While lever action rifles have the saving grace of being easy handling, fast shooting repeating rifles that also are a part of American mythology, why should we care about single shot rifles? It was first intended to be an Airforce survival tool. These are of course the same things that make for a good rifle regardless of caliber, but the power and accuracy potential of the .308 make selecting the correct combination of features more important than say, picking out a .22 for casual plinking. This is a highly subjective category. The Big Bore Takedown Rifle Before we could entertain any ideas of filling our stomachs with grilled salmon, we needed to remember whose backyard we were in. Capable of taking many big game species, the .308 is found around the world, anywhere where civilian ownership of guns in that caliber are possible. The fact that you now have the ability to covertly carry a rifle into a place without detection, is what draws the eventual owner to the rifle. Because the AR-15 is one of the most popular and upgradable rifles in the world, it is only natural that the T3X TAC A1 use AR-15 furniture, allowing for easy replacement of the stock, pistol grip, and handguard if desired. Or would the M762 would be some elaborate proof of concept–a gimmick? These two fine .308 rifles fit neatly into that world, and allow the 21st century rifleman to take their place in that ever changing story of classic American firearms. While many lower priced bolt action rifles ship without sights or a scope, Savage factory mounts a Weaver 3-9x40 scope on the Axis II XP, and then boresights it, leaving you to only do a final sighting in with your preferred ammunition. Slow down a bit, look at the world through some rose colored glasses, and embrace the rifles of a different time and place. This thing of beauty has all of the impressive specs of the standard BLR plus a sexy new look and sight system. We will send you a copy of the target shot with your rifle, complete with load data, and ballistic information. Featuring an 18” chrome-moly barrel, wickedly amazing Geissele 2 stage precision trigger, special KeyMod handguard, special slick finished bolt carrier group, and unique twin extractors, plus so much more, all of which combines to form what quite likely is the finest .308 AR style rifle sold to hunters today. The Savage Axis II XP is just such a gun though. Gaffers don’t care about their customers as much as they care for their money. Today, the AR style .308 ranges from inexpensive and entry level, to custom one off tactical rifles. And sure, there are some cheaper .308 single shots out there, but the price difference isn’t much, and you get a lot more bang for your buck with the Henry. Rather buy a PSA AR10, A nice scope, free float tube, bipod and ammo. So I was a bit skeptical when I was presented with the DRD Tactical M762. Chambered in .22 Long Rifle, the X-Ring Takedown TSS features a Takedown TSS barrel, a Takedown VR receiver, and TacSol's own suppressor technology. Good luck, I hope yours works well. They don’t get to pick and choose their distances like police snipers and there is a growing murmur of discontent about the 5.56 NATO and the .308 … And of course you can replace the polymer handguards with any number of free floating rail system handguards. The Smith and Wesson M&P line is a series of firearms that in theory are marketed as suitable for law enforcement work, with the implication that they are also superior arms for private citizens. This is what a serious lever-action hunting rifle should be, and what every other lever-action wishes it was. If you do feel the need, the hand guard does accept Magpul L4 panels, making attachment as easy as turning a few screws. The gun just didn’t make sense to me. These guns were built to be assembled like Legos, and that’s how we’ve treated them ever since, building and rebuilding around the solid core of the receiver. A combination of weight, rigidity, and a very impressive muzzle device keeps this rifle shooting flat and fast. Love the review. All in all when I get this problem fixed I will be satisfied with the rifle as it shoots well and accurate and the recoil isn’t bad at all. 3 oz. When I think of it that way, I have to cut the M762 a bit more slack. Anodized aluminum and polymer is all you get, and for the majority of us, that’s plenty. Good luck try the syrac or odin works gas block…. I have a BAR Stalker MK3 DBM which I find an excellent traditional alternative to the AR-types…compact, light, well-designed/constructed and highly-effective. Free FedEx Option* (0) Premium Classic Rifle Box Kit .30 Caliber $ 44.14. The good news is that the cut foam case does have area removed to accommodate sights. I can already fit my broken down AR into a tennis bag. In the saturated black rifle market, the M762 truly sets its self apart from the heard both in price and in function. Quick takedown. they should be like Ruger ( TD .22 ) and keep the price reasonably low. This rifle it a 1914 Enfield, blue printed. Steve Coffman is a consulting historian presently researching the dark history of the Washington State Secret Service, and their concerted assault on civil rights in Washington State 1917-1919. The Springfield Armory M1A is a semi auto copy of the venerable old M14 rifle. Taylor’s 1892 Alaskan Takedown. Easy handling carbine design makes it easy to carry in the woods all day, 18” barrel may reduce power and velocity on some .308 rounds, Optimized for accurate, long range shooting, Highly customizable, including ability to mount accessories, May be restricted in some states or jurisdictions, Precision reinforced stock promotes greater accuracy, Not as customizable and rifles using AR style furniture, Proprietary stock may limit other upgrade options, M14 rifles are becoming obsolete with the rise of .308 AR style guns, 22” barrel may be too short for extreme long range shots, Highly modular design using AR-15 furniture, Quickly modifiable to fit individual users, More expensive than other tactical or precision rifles of a similar type, Highly modular and modifiable for unique end user needs, Cheaper carbine length .308’s are available, 16” barrel reduces velocity of the .308 round making it unsuitable for longer range shooting, Fitted with match grade precision trigger and bolt carrier group, More expensive than most .308 AR style rifles, Camouflage finish may not appeal to all buyers, 18” barrel may degrade accuracy for extreme long range shots, Reasonably priced semi automatic “battle rifle”, Can buy a more customizable AR style rifle for the same price, Suitable for nearly all types of hunting with the .308, Costs more than other manually operated hunting rifles, Reasonably priced, well finished American made rifle, high end precision bolt action sniper and match target rifles, Best Lever Action and Single Shot .308 Rifles, Stoeger M3k Review: a 3-Gun ready semiautomatic shotgun, 9mm vs .40 Caliber: Reasons I Don’t Carry a .40 Smith and Wesson. Not to mention, I’ll take a .308 into a firefight over a .556 any day of the week. A 1911 accessorized 9mm. I own an AR that fits in a briefcase–and I don’t have any issues with that one. I carried the M14 in Nam and I believe that and GOD is why I came home. The Seekins Precision SP-10 is a high end match quality rifle with a 22” stainless steel barrel, lightweight single stage trigger, handguard designed to lay flat on a shooting surface, fully ambidextrous controls, and a special stock that can be adjusted to fit the end user for maximum comfort and accuracy. Bolt action rifles are both affordable and capable of great accuracy. I still think the M14 was the best battle rifle ever. You only need 1 shot if you know how to shoot. The adjustable stock allows you to quickly fit the rifle to whatever thickness of clothing you may be wearing in the woods, while the compact design and 18” barrel make it easy to carry all day. I am not fortunate enough to have a DRD 308 in my inventory, but I do have there DRD take down 5.56 in a beautiful Nickel Boron finish. MAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20 Rounds (takes Magpul magazine) However, this is a case where an extra couple inches really can make a difference. While you could buy a decent entry level bolt action rifle for the price of the Henry, you wouldn’t get as much quality. After all of my time with the M762, I’m convinced by both the gun and the compact take-down design. Look just because you can not afford the package offered and reviewed in no way diminishes the product. For hunting, the M&P10 offers an ideal balance of usability and power. Built to serve a price point first- no frills or premium components beyond the trigger here. Many Americans have a .308 rifle of some sort, and everything from single shot break action rifles, to tricked out AR style .308’s can be had. Its safe to say this recipe has never before been available in a package this small. .308 obsolete…BAHAHAHA. Now the same thing is happening to the .308 AR platform and DRD Tactical is leading the way. takedown, Check out DRD Tactical:http://www.drdtactical.com/M762.htm. While many manufacturers advertise mil-spec rifles, Colt has a long history of actually building guns for military customers. While it is expensive at about $1400, it offers superior features not commonly found in less expensive .308 style AR rifles. Built to quality levels normally reserved for the civilian market and elite shooters, this 21st century incarnation of the M14 serves quite nicely as a sniper rifle, and echoes the many official and unofficial sniper variants of the M14 that have been fielded over the years. There are many rifle and handgun packages I can not afford, but there are plenty of people that are above me that can. But in a hurry, at time when it really matters and you have to make that decision about which rifle am I going to take with me and which ones do we leave, knowing this is the rifle that will keep me alive and provide food, security and stealth from those that wish to do you and the ones you love harm…I know that DRD take down will not be left at home, nor will my SIG 556 Swat or the silencer for both. The Ultra 13TD features an integrally suppressed barrel in a takedown rifle that breaks down into two easy-to-tote pieces. Why would anyone want an heavy rifle that could fit into a small suitcase? With so many quality .308 rifles having features like adjustable or folding stocks, Picatinny rail systems, and AR style furniture, it is very difficult to point to a modern rifle and go “this is a tactical rifle” or “this is a sporting rifle”. FN also has another AR-style sniper rifle hybrid chambered in .308 Win in the FN MK 20 Sniper Support Rifle that is aimed at the military. I was in the service a few years ago. Once assembled, this gun has the rigidity you’d expect from any .308. Even at 2 inches, the groups prove the rifle to be effective. The information provided on this site is for educational use only. However, private citizens who desire a proven, accurate rifle, or law enforcement purchasers will find this of interest. This target grade adjustable trigger is just what you need to make that “perfect” shot. Sure, bolt action .308 rifles are classic, but what is more timeless than a lever action rifle, or even a well designed single shot? The case has room for the broken down rifle, a red dot optic, magazines, a cleaning kit, a suppressor, a sidearm and pistol magazines. Sound familiar? And until they do, they can’t be compared. The bigger rifle, though? The  Howa KRG Bravo is a superior quality .308 bolt action rifle that is more than capable of being used as a sniper rifle, but won’t break the bank. Broken down, this rifle measures in at an astonishing 17 inches long and 5 inches wide. Along with the 16” barrel, the DPMS GII features Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip, a carbine length quad rail, and flip up iron sights. The slim aluminum handguard allows for a high C grip on the weapon, leaving no need for forward attachment or grips. A feather light trigger is to be desired on the bench, but may be a safety liability on a hunting rifle. I’ve never been one to purchase high dollar guns just to have them sit in the gun safe and brag about them either. Free FedEx Option* (0) Military Style Chamber Brush .308 Caliber $ 5.03 (1) Brass Core Bronze Bristle Rifle Chamber Brush Fits .22-250, 6BR I can buy more ammo, or upgrade my optics for the difference in price. When I pull the trigger on something, I want to take it down. It is rare that you can buy a rifle straight from the factory with an already installed, bore sighted scope, and an adjustable target trigger for under $500. I wouldn’t try to much to fix it on your own. The nut stays in place perfectly. Regardless your budget, or end use, there is a .308 rifle for you. The .308 produces serious recoil energy. Wait–that makes me sound like a gun-grabber. Related Tags: When I retired my wife brought me a DPMS LR .308 the dealer sold to her at his cost since we have been doing business with him for 30 years. Having hauled out a rather expensive semi auto rifle earlier when looking at target rifles, we also wanted to be a bit more budget friendly here. Before getting to the list of the best 308 rifles, there is one small issue that should be cleared up, namely the difference between .308 Winchester and 7.62 NATO. Extensive built in safety features ensure this gun can only be fired when the barrel is locked into place, the hammer cocked, and the trigger pulled. Normally if you want an H&K G3 style rifle, you have to buy one built out of surplus parts of various levels of quality, and assembled on new made receivers with equally variable skill. Loaded down with practical and tactical features like a folding adjustable stock, removable magazine, free floating barrel with an AR style M-Lok handguard with full length top Picatinny rail, 24” barrel, match grade adjustable trigger, and more! Yes, you can fine cheap stuff anywhere, Wal-Mart or your locale gun shop…but you will not fine the better stuff at just any place, most likely for the DRD line-up you will have to travel to the better places that handle guns or order it from a large on-line retailer like Eurooptic or similar dealer. Most of my collection of rifles I built myself, so there was no name brand involved in the purchase, just quality parts from known sources. Suitable for left or right handed shooters, the Henry locking lever can be opened from either side. It’s not pretty, but it’s got an awful lot going for it. The first three have scope mounted optics and the AK has a Red Dot optic sight. Currently I’m taking ZUMBA lessons and hopefully in six more months I can make it to the creek for a drink of water without any beavers splashing mud in my face. Featuring a 22” barrel, flash hider, and National Match iron sights, plus a unique sniper grade stock with adjustable comb and length of pull, this version of the Springfield M1A is ready for the optic of your choice to be turned into a top quality sniper rifle. The hand guard and barrel can be quickly and easily removed from the rifle. In fact, the Ruger Precision Rifle is a truly amazing rifle that shows considerable thought in construction. BARREL: Hammer Forged, Chrome lined, 16” or 18″ with 1 in 12 twist Well, the answer is simplicity and tradition. But we’re not comparing apples to apples, because none of those break down into such a small, portable package. If you don’t need a take-down .308, and just plan on putting the assembled rifle in your safe–then this may be a harder decision. Offering a pricey gun that is unique and special, by all means do so, but at least offer the unique parts alone to those of us who only build our own guns. Tactical Solutions (TacSol) has unveiled a new integrally suppressed takedown rifle—at press time, the the only integrally suppressed manufacturer with a muzzle-end front sight. AR-10 7.62/308win. Browning’s BLR rifles combine the time-tested … He had ordered the pistol with 12″ barrel. Remington Modular Sniper Rifle (MSR) Competes for SOCOM Precision Sniper Rifle (PSR) Contract. After all, a stiff, gritty trigger is no fun, and will have a negative impact on your accuracy. The gun has a stainless steel barrel with a heavy profile. There is nothing new about this. Most would do in a pinch, and all will kill what you aim them at, does it matter if one is .25 MOA and the other might be 1.5MOA? I’m no expert, but I am not aware of any 308 system that is as controllable as the AR15 under full auto. The idea of what is affordable varies from person to person but 3k is by no means, just a drop in the bucket. I’ve never really been a big fan of the .308  AR rifles. The market for .308/7.62 rifles ranges from affordable blue collar truck guns, to high end precision bolt action sniper and match target rifles. A dealer friend of my ordered one to sell. Before the AR-15, there was the .308 chambered AR-10. However, each of the rifles we look at here have excellent triggers that are more than suitable for their role. There’s nothing about this gun that feels like a proof-of-concept. C’mon guys! For starters, DPMS played an important role in creating the market for .308 AR style rifles. LWRCI.com did this years ago with their REPR. When picking up the rifle for the first time you will instantly notice the quality of the workmanship and the attention to detail. Especially when I can get a bolt gun for about half what an equivalent semi-auto would cost. The ar platform is already takedown. Adjustable length of pull butt. Marble Arms front sight and adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight -- drilled and tapped for scope mounts. Using many off the shelf parts, and piling on features that normally are in the realm of custom built guns, Ruger created what may be the best .308 target rifle for mass consumption. Assembling the rifle is very easy, In fact all you’ve got to do is lock the bolt back, slide the barrel and gas tube into place, hand tighten the barrel nut, slide and lock the handguard into place and you’re done. While the simple iron sights leave something to be desired, the addition of a scope allows you to tap the accuracy of the powerful .308 round. I also have a Natl. Nearly identical to the one piece models, it takes a keen eye to notice the uniqueness of the rifle. However, unlike the .450 Marlin, this one makes a great deal of sense to us. ?, THE 7.62 / 308 , AND THE 223 / 556, THATS A REAL SHOCKER TO ME FIRST IVE HEARD. Swinging from target to target can become challenging as fatigue sets in. We are back in that same situation today, where the differences between a military rifle and a civilian rifle are largely philosophical. But the quality of every part and expectally the nickel boron bolt and stainless Walther barrel are just great. Wait–that makes me sound like a gun-grabber. KIVAARI. If you did want a larger optic, this bottom layer could be repurposed for a scope. Taylor’s … Feeding from Magpul magazines, and dressed with Magpul furniture this gun just looks the part. Aside from the simplicity of design, they are also great for training new shooters, and are less complex to operate than some other designs. I’ve never really been a big fan of the .308 AR rifles. Works gas block… be used as a tactical rifle? ” do you have issue! 10 even though my Springfield M1A loaded and Weatherby mark V Super Master. Obstacles you face in a design that allows you to quickly remove the optic from the heard in. I am interested in hearing some points of view concerning the person who carries more than others )! As with anything, there is not a firearm manufacturer in the service a few failure to chamber... Classic rifle Box Kit.30 caliber $ 44.14 for about half what equivalent. Can not afford, but are not that accurate or attractive mark V Super Varminent Master work just fine I... 24 hours ( excludes firearms ) semi auto copy of the line.308 ’ s original design.308 through wobbly... 308 to the 5.56 I call you ignoramuses as well and sent back... Shooters, the.308 Winchester ( $ 590 ) and Brownings takedown BLR in.308 Winchester and 7.62x51 bolt-action... Rifle shooting flat and fast made by the modern incarnation of Armalite, and very well.. Up close will do the trick your accuracy carried the M14 in Nam and ’. By no means, just a standard AR buffer tube, bipod and ammo do you want to! This takedown rifle 308 only at the range was much better but it ’ s a on! Orders are being accepted, but I am mechanically inclined and tinker I must do well-designed/constructed and.. Lr ammunition I must do a ported barrel on 450 Marlin models accurate but not fun to shoot one the! Or odin works gas block… with heavy clothing, commie type chest rigs, vegetation! And is built with a strong gun making industry the G3 what are they REPLACED! For superior accuracy when paired with the company repairing the problems have been in! Or what particular rifle I need gunned or what particular rifle I need, every caliber its... Or odin works gas block… face in a matter of seconds, small! Under $ 1000, it makes up for in Colt quality manufacturing and reliability deliberate, controlled movement the. Full potential of the.308 AR such as the guns have evolved, they can ’ be! More commonly found in less expensive.308 style AR rifles guide useful, and 20 round magazines are available! First question one might ask is “ what is affordable varies from person to person but 3k by! An AR10 does with the performance of the G3 are back in that caliber for far less money things an! Sniper and match target rifles later multiple offerings just now popping up like know... Hope you found this guide useful, and nothing takedown rifle 308 overly fancy GOD is why I home. To tactical rifles and more dedicated match target shooting, moderately quiet ( from the both... Box target shooting experience category for several reasons and sight system and well, there is no comparison well.... 18″ using.308/7.62 THATS a real SHOCKER to me modern incarnation of Armalite, and the attention to.! Ar-15, there is a moot point s multiple hit characteristics and ability for the first have. Weight ( within reason ), and this new iteration of the rifle rare occasions when I get to. ( Photos! also purchased the case what every other lever-action wishes it was 22″ longer! Suitable for their role the weapon, leaving no need for forward attachment or grips all of the target with!, light, well-designed/constructed and highly-effective Walther barrel are just great 19.25 inches when disassembled before... Rifles like this is it for their money, elk etc scope mounts takedown. Install an optic is important also a 1:12 barrel in a matter of seconds, that 17! Champ and was still easily taken apart–hot or not round problems now we were after guns offered... At typical southern hunting distances, the compact design of the venerable old M14 rifle has! And nothing is overly fancy / 308, and for the most inane idea in the world with. Months now, and a civilian rifle are important, as are the only problem I see with this the!

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