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Our own observations, gathered over more than 30 years of growing hostas, have shown us that descriptions of growth … Hosta 'wide brim' herbaceous perennial hardy plant. Bam Bam Blue Hosta $ 14.00. Foliage is elongated, wavy…, ( D. & M. Beilstein ) The hosta plants are 18" high and 30" wide with large golden foliage. The leaves on this mini are light…, ( Thompson ) The large streaked hostas are 22" high and 36" across. Our 2020 shipping season has … Shop Hosta Plants. Planted alongside smaller blooming plant varieties, a well-placed hosta can do wonders for your garden composition. was $14.00, Cutting Edge Hosta - medium - 10 plants for $60.00, Deja Blu Hosta - small - REDUCED! Skip to main content. RARE! These sturdy herbaceous plants are amazing. The  wavy golden foliage is very narrow…, ( Aomori Prefecture ) The spiked hostas are 18"  high and 30" wide. The foliage is pale green,…, Unique hosta plants are 10" high and 14" wide. Order our exceptional and unusual garden perennials to be shipped to your door now! The leaves are yellow turning pure white with…, ( H. Hansen ) The highly fragrant hosta plant is 19" high and 30" wide. Hosta plants are also known as Hart Lily and Funkia, in Japan they’re known as Giboshi. Hosta. Free worldwide shipping available! 7 Live Bare Root Ready to Plant Hosta Plants Green and White Variegated Hostas. The leaves are pale chartreuse turning…, ( VanEijk Bos & Walters Gardens ) This unusual hosta plant is  20" high by 24" wide. Hosta plants; clear all. Menu Search Cart Account. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Hosta plants on sale. All Hello, Sign in. … Hosta Plants for Sale - Large Selection - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The best plants start here! The foliage is white…, ( G.Williams ) The snake like hosta plants are 16" high and 24" wide. Pick from the wide varieties of streaked or unusual hostas for sale. We have hundreds of hosta varieties on sale. Here we have hosta that are twisted, curled and sometimes quite contrary to what you would expect a plant to do. Skip to main content.us. The leaves…, ( M. Zilis ) This unique hosta plant is 10" high and up to 12" across. The Hosta was introduced to Europe by Dr. Phillip Franz von Siebold, (1796-1867) who himself raised the still popular Hosta sieboldiana Elegance. From large plants reaching heights of 1m or more, to small, miniatures no more than a couple of centimetres tall. Hosta 'Wide Brim' Herbaceous Perennial Hardy Plant . Click here for instructions on enabling javascript in your browser. Fast & Free shipping on many items! With…, ( R. Livingston ) This hosta is 9"  high the plants grow to 18" across. Because we love plants so much we grow many that are really unusual and often extremely rare. Welcome, Guest | Login | Create an Account. All make great specimen plants that stand out! See our special link- HOSTAS ON SALE!. The leaves are misty blue, with yellow streaks and silver undersides. They also grow very well in pots or containers and for many growers this is the preferred method. Light shade (21) Shade (17) Ready made borders. Buy Hostas direct from the grower / breeder...Best Hosta Nursery in the US. Like all hostas this is a shade loving clump forming perennial, Hosta sieboldiana is particularly attractive and when in full growth is a great specimen plant. Needlepoint Hosta $ 19.00. The foliage is green with red petioles.…, ( G. Johnson ) The small hostas are 11" high and 24" wide. Get outdoors for some landscaping or spruce up your garden! The leaves are ivory…, ( M. Seaver ) The small colorful hostas are 10" high and 18" wide. The bright white margins streak into a…, ( Winterberry Farms ) The tiny hostas are 6" high and 10" wide. Here at Farmyard Nurseries we grow plants because we love them, not just to sell! $10.99. Add to cart. was $8.00, Corkscrew Hosta - very small - REDUCED! Buy Hosta plants easily online! Teaspoon Hosta $ 8.00. Enjoy fast delivery, best quality and cheap price. There are several well established conventions for describing hosta plant characteristics and we have drawn upon the collective wisdom of the Hosta Registration journals, Mark Zilis's comprehensive study of the hosta genus and the American Hosta Society. Your satisfaction is our goal so that you will continue to order from us and recommend us. Browse a selection of Hosta plants for sale online when you shop Terra Ceia Farms! Amazon.com: hosta plants for sale. The green leaves are twisted, curved and curled with…, ( H. Gowen ) Unusual 16" high by 30" hosta plants. Of all the plants that are grown for their leaves, Hostas must be amongst the most spectacular. They are best divided every 3-4 years and requir… The leaves are olive green and glossy with…, ( J. Machen Jr. ) The brightly colored hostas are 14" high by 20" wide. For more information call Green Mountain Hosta in Vermont at 802-348-6368. Streaks and spots with dark or light backgrounds are way out of the ordinary. Sep 28, 2018 - Explore Cathy Mihaich's board "rare Hostas I want or Have" on Pinterest. was $14.00, Silver Star Hosta - medium - REDUCED! We offer you the highest quality garden tools, plants, seeds and flower bulbs. Rest assured, when you buy rare plants for sale online from us, we safely ship the highest quality container-grown specimens that are ready upon arrival to plant and thrive for years to come in your gardens - Guaranteed! hosta plants. This category of Unusual hosta has mostly to do with coloration. At the time of sale our hostas are guaranteed to be free of known hosta viruses and foliar nematodes. It is a reverse sport of the widely admired 'Patriot' and forms attractive compact mounds of twisted, striking pure-white leaves edged in a rich green. Suitable for growing in borders, large tubs or in shady spots where nothing else will grow. Leaves are dark green, heavily rippled, narrow at 14"…, (Walters Gardens) The hosta plants are 15" high  and 28" wide.The leaves are blue green with yellow margins and streaks…, ( M. Zillis ) Very small hosta is 7" high and 14" wide.The leaves are a very bright yellow with…, ( Avent ) The mini hosta plant is 4" high and 8" wide.The leaves are yellow with streaking dark green…, (Zilis) 18" high by 30" wide hosta plants have leaves that are dark green with dusty flecks and chartreuse margins that…, (  N. R. ) Vase shaped hosta plant is 18"  high and 30" wide. The foliage is dark green, rippled and…, ( R. Benedict ) The 16" high by 30" wide hosta plants have foliage that is dark green, rippled and shiny with…, ( E. Elslager ) The huge leaf plants are 22" high by 36" wide hostas. First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Categories. Add to cart. Hosta Allegan Fog. Selling is an added bonus. Your satisfaction is our goal so that you will continue to order from us and recommend us. Add to cart. Sign up for our eNewsletter! These sturdy herbaceous plants are amazing. Rare Gooseberry Hosta Beautiful Live Perennial Flowering Hosta. All available from greenmountainhosta.com. Create your own hosta plant garden in your shaded landscape. We guarantee our plants to arrive in good, healthy condition and to be properly labeled. Shop a huge online selection at eBay.com. The leaves of chartruese are broadly…, Hosta Guardian Angel has ruffled, heart-shaped leaves that emerge with a distinctive ivory-white center and an irregular blue-green margin. Hostas are one of the most versatile of shade plants.There are many varieties of hosta plants that gardeners have used for years to fill in shaded garden spots where little else will grow.Their colors and textures make them appealing for any landscape. was $12.00, Guardian Angel Hosta - large - REDUCED! The hostas are very wavy, green centered with yellow margins and somewhat…, The plants are 18" high and 30" wide. Best Sellers. Price: £7.00 List Price: £9.50 You Save: £2.50 (26%) ... Edrom Nursery specialises in a range of plants which will grow in our climate here in South East Scotland, we try to grow plants which could be considered rare or unusual. Add to cart. Account Login | Create an Account. Foliage…, ' ( H. Hansen / Shady Oaks Nursery ) Large hosta plants are  24" high and 36 " across. Easy to grow and with outstanding foliage, they are originally from Japan, China, and Korea, they grow best in morning sun and afternoon shade. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Plants are listed by botanical name, but you can search our site using common names. Bamboo Plants . Add to cart. We offers hosta plant products. Shop These Other Plant Categories. Feb 9, 2017 - www.rocklandscapeinc.com This is our "family" business. Add to cart. Cart Hello Select your address Cyber Monday Deals … They form a mound of intense blue…, ( G. Johnson ) The hostas are 11" high and 24" across. Buy Unusual or Streaked Hostas | Green Mountain Hosta in Vermont, Alligator Shoes Hosta -medium - 10 plants for $67.50, Bridegroom Hosta - medium - 10 plants for $52.50, Bridegroom Hosta - medium - REDUCED! The two main forms ‘Elegans’ and ‘Frances Williams’ (see picture right) are both wonderful plants. Dinky Donna Hosta $ 12.00. Rare August Moon Beautiful Flowering Hosta Perennial Super Large Plant trimmed. Friends Hosta $ 6.50. Top 20 Plants. Crape Myrtles. Featured Plants. Huge selection of Hosta plants for sale, including the most popular leaf colors such as Blue Hosta, Yellow Hosta, and Variegated Hosta, as well as white flowered hosta, mini hostas, and giant hosta. The hostas form clumps of…, (Benedict & Hatfield ) The unusual rough textured hostas are 18" high by 34" wide. View our Hosta Plant Profile >, Farmyard Nurseries, Dol Llan Road, Llandysul, Carmarthenshire, Wales, SA44 4RL, Email: (function(){var ml="sok0ifl.%muaey4dnrc",mi="0;6<08>35;A9=;A? Sort products by: Hosta Sieboldii Blue / Sieboldiana.. 1 Hosta plant(s) £ 4.99. add to cart. We carry hundreds of varieties of Hostas... tiny to gigantic... blues, greens, yellows, variegated... in all kinds of forms & shapes. Of all the plants that are grown for their leaves, Hostas must be amongst the most spectacular. Rare Half and Half Beautiful Flowering Hosta Perennial. Ready-made border Clay soil (1) Ready-made border Lush shade (1) Ready-made border Soothing green and white (1) Ready-made border Steamy jungle (1) Ready-made border Woodland (1) + Show more filters Planting combinations. The plants are an intense blue with wavy…, ( M. Zilis )  15" tall by 30" wide hostas are soft blue turning blue green. was $9.00, Silver Threads and Golden Needles Hosta - mini, Striptease Hosta - large - 10 plants for $90.00, Twilight Time Hosta - small - 10 plants for $45.00, Venetian Dream Hosta - medium REDUCED! Rare and Unusual. Hosta plants for sale online at Garden Centre Koeman. @:A0

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